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HDMI2.1 to DP1.4 Adapter 8K@30Hz
HDMI2.1 to DP1.4 Adapter 8K@30Hz

HDMI 2.1 to DP 1.4 Adapter

Model No.: 1200
This is a HDMI2.1 to DP1.4 Adapter with Micro USB power port, lets you connect an HDMI enabled video source, such as Laptop, PC, desktop, Xbox, PS5, video game console...etc, to DisplayPort 1.4 (backwards compatible with DP1.2 specification) displays. The included Micro USB Power cable connects to either an available USB port on your source device or a USB wall charger to power the HDMI to DisplayPort converter.
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Input: HDMI2.1

Output: DP1.4

             W/DSC: 8K/30Hz or 4K/120Hz

             W/O DSC: 8K/30Hz or 4K/120Hz

             Charging: Micro USB female for power delivery

Product Features:

1. Supports up to 8K@30Hz and 4K@120Hz high resolutions;

2. Compliant with HDCP1.4/2.2/2.3, HDR10;

3. USB-Powered, Plug and play, no software required.


Input: HDMI2.1

Output: DP1.4

Certificate: ROHS.REACH

Material: ABS

Length: 250mm

Dimension: 128.5 x 45 x 14mm

Package Contents:

1x HDMI2.1 to DP1.4 Adapter

1x USB A to Micro B power cable

1x User Manual

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