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2000W Solar Powered Portable Generator, Power Station
2000W Solar Powered Portable Generator
This product is 2000W Solar Powered Portable Generator, It is a power monster with a remarkable 1456Wh of capacity and a strong 2000W silent inverter and gives the outdoorsman and traveler the ability to charge their electronics such as their cell phones and iPad and provides power to fans, lights, sonar fish finders, trolling motors, game and trail cams for hunters. If you rely on medical devices that require power support, such as CPAP or medical coolers, this Solar Powered Portable Generator can provide a stable power flow. It can also charge electric vehicles. You can drive about 6 miles on a single charge. 2 fans keep it cool, providing a quiet and cool environment while recharging and charging. This Solar Powered Portable Generator can be used in cold regions and can also be used in snowy environments, with operating temperatures from -20° to 60°. In the case of a family that has no access to power due to a storm, our portable power station will now allow for safe and clean power for their sensitive electronics such as phones, televisions, laptops, and other electronics and gives them the ability to provide lighting in their home until the power is restored. It is ideal as a portable power supply at home and outdoor.
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Rated Power: 2000W

Peak Power: 4000W

Battery: LiFePO4

Capacity: 22.4V 65AH / 1456Wh 

Adaptor Input Data: 25.5V 8A / 204W

Charged By Adaptor: Around 9hrs

DC Input Socket: Solar Panel Charging / Original Adaptor / Car Charging / PD 60W

Waveform: Pure Sine Wave

2x AC Output: 220V 60Hz

2x DC Output: 12V 10A Max

2x USB-A: 5V 3.1A Max

1x USB-A QC3.0: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A

1x Type C PD 60W: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3A

Lighting Function: N/A

Product Dimension: 320*230*330mm  

G.W: 20.0KG

Certification: FCC/PSE/CE/Rohs/UN 38.3

Product Features:

1. ENHANCED EV-GRADE LiFePO4 BATTERY: The Solar Powered Portable Generator features an EV-grade LiFePO4 battery cell for long-term durability and an assured 3,500+ charging cycles to 80% of its original capacity. The LiFePO4 battery type can charge faster, last longer, and offer optimal safety compared to the lithium-ion battery used by most power stations today.

2. SIMPLEST SOLUTION OFF GRID: The Solar Powered Portable Generator can accommodate almost all appliances for home and outdoor camping, emergency, and other scenarios as a power backup supply. Whether powering your refrigerator, coffee machine, microwave, electric kettle, tailgate, TV, lights, fans, heaters, or other drilling tools, with this unit, you will get it done quickly, efficiently, and with optimal convenience.

3. RUNS YOUR APPLIANCES LONGER: With a capacity of 1456Wh, this portable battery pack is able to run for a long time when you are enjoying a camping trip or suffering from a power outage. The Solar Powered Portable Generator can run as a battery generator backup a 25 cu. ft. fridge for 8–24H or a 500W space heater for 2.5H.

4. ALL THE PORTS IN ONE: Charge up to 9 devices at once! The Solar Powered Portable Generator has 2* AC outlets that can put out 2000W, as well as 2* regular USB-A ports, 1* QC 3.0 fast charge, and 1* 60W USB-C port, which allows tablets to charge at full speed. It also has 2* DC ports and 1* car port for CPAP, mini fridge, etc.

5. CLEAN AND FLEXIBLE RECHARGE: The Solar Powered Portable Generator will charge from 0–80% in 4.5H when dual charging through the DC input and Type-C ports, whereas combining the Solar Powered Portable Generator with 2* solar panels will take 9H to be fully charged, making it a simple power solution for camping, overlanding, fishing, and road trips.

6. SECURE OPERATION: Security is the priority, from hardware selection to software design. This Solar Powered Portable Generator has a lower noise level than other power sources, thanks to its intelligent cooling system; the quick heat dissipation creates a cooler and safer environment for the battery and a more stable power supply performance for your appliances, thus extending battery service life up to a decade.

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