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Aluminum Tablet Wall Mount Holder
Aluminum Tablet Wall Mount Holder
Aluminum Tablet Wall Mount Holder
Aluminum Tablet Wall Mount Holder
Model No.: 1143
This is Adjustable Long Arm Articulating Swivel Aluminum Tablet Wall Mount Holder Holder, fits most 7 to 13 Inch Tablets with a thickness of less than 10mm, including Apple iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Pixel Slate, etc. Perfect for holding your tablet to work in your office, viewing recipes in your kitchen, watching or streaming video in your bedroom, which can release your hands.
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Product Features:

1. Constructed of durable aluminum and plastic which firmly supports tablet on wall.

2. The holding arm is attached with silicone to protect the device from abrasion.

3. Featuring with a rocker arm, it can extends up to 300mm from wall to have the best viewing distance.

4. Adjustable rotation of 360° with locking points at 90° , can be used in landscape or portrait format to have your best view

5. Adjustable Tilt: Tilt your screen up or down 45° to reduce glare and improve visibility.

6. Cable Management: opening in the holding arm allows for easy connection to power supply.

7. Easy Installation: Socket-type installation method, ensure stability and can be removed at any time.


Compatible Devices: 7-13 inch tablets (thickness less than 10mm)

Color: black, silver

Material: aluminum alloy, ABS, PC

Tilt Angle: ±45°

Rotation Angle: 360°

Extension Length: 300mm

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